Welcome To TheIVY Emergency Medical Services Supplies

TheIvy Emergency Medical Services Supplies (TheIvy EMS) was founded to offer emergency medical support by providing and facilitating

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We Stock A Wide Range Of First Aid Equipment

Bandages & Dressings, Body Fluid & Hygiene, Burn Dressings & Accessories, Emergency Showers, First Aid Room Equipment, First Aid Stations, First Aid Storage, Plasters & Wipes, Automated External Defibrillators

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We Offer Training In First Aid

We also offer a range of comprehensive training in First Aid, Risk Assessment and Safety. Our highly qualified instructors have years of experience in training and will support and guide you every step of the way.

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Comprehensive Training In Risk Assessment & Safety

Our team of highly specialised trainers will walk you through the rudiments of Risk Assessment & Safety

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Adhering to strict guidelines and standards we are able to exceed expectations and ensure complete client satisfaction.

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What Would You Do When Faced With An Emergency?

Three Reasons to Choose TheIVY


First Great Reason!

1We aim to trigger the development of the EMS in Nigeria. Not just with respect to healthcare facilities but also other support services that will be associated with that industry like the establishment of emergency call centres. Call centres that give on-scene instructions on how to deal with emergencies.

Second Great Reason!

2We aim to generate the type of awareness that will finally cause a sustained growth of the EMS sector. This will be achieved by treating this sector as the mass industry that it is and not as a luxury product which has been the wrong approach by preceding attempts.

Third Great Reason!

3We aim to educate the citizen responder, building enough confidence to encourage them take well-informed steps in the face of emergencies. This will save lives.

Promote economic activities in this sector. Increase investments around this industry.